Along with our commitment to health and well being, Lidermed offers complete profesional advisory guidelines to our collaborators on the best practices and application techniques for use with our products and we have, over the course of our activity, developed a comprehensive training program for professionals in the health and medical sector.

We organize seminars and workshops in health centers, led by highly qualified training staff and specialists who provide thorough training on how to use our products in a safe, effective, and quick manner thus minimizing any risks to the patient and care giver.

Our goal in providing training support is that professionals in direct contact with patients have in-depth knowledge regarding the potential of the product and can thereby perform their jobs with greater effectiveness, safety, as well as máximum benefit to the patient.

In addition to providing these free of charge courses on a regular basis to its partners, Lidermed has developed an extensive archive of product information sheets and manuals that are available to the attendees. We also have a wide variety of audiovisual and additional support materials that can be accessed as part our on site training or online.

All of our products have been designed to take into account all possible circumstances that could occur, choosing the most suitable materials in each case and using the most advanced manufacturing technologies.

Training in the variouis application techinques related to the different types of bandages:

  • Compression bandage
  • Plaster coated elastic bandage
  • Mesh bandage and gauze dressing, attachments and fasteners

Training in the proper use of:

  • Therapeutic containment/imobilization products
  • Products used in facilitating therapy for handicapped patients

The use of our products entails a great deal of responsibility, both for the center and for the caregiver. It is therefore necessary that the health professionals who use these products on a regular basis have the necessary know-how and experience to do so safely.