Since it’s launch in 1986 LIDERMED, S.A. has been commited to the manufacture and distribution of medical supplies specializing in tubular compression bandages and products aiding in localized body part immobilization such as clavicle and neck support systems, arm slings, knee and shoulder supports etc.
Over the years LIDERMED, S. A. has developed a wide range of tubular bandages (pressure bandages, plaster and suspension based support systems) offering a complete range of quality and sizing.
Expanding into the profesional beauty and esthetic treatment arena, LIDERMED, S.A. has has created the Tubiform product line, consisting of high quality support garments to facilitate various esthetic treatments (cryotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy).
This line of products is an important innovation within the professional beauty field as it offers a superior substitute for flat plastic bandages.
LIDERMED.S,A. Complies with quality regulations ISO9001-2008. All of our products are approved with the CE mark of mandatory compliance in accordance with the EEC Directive 2007/47/CE and Royal Decree 1591/2009.
We have a far reaching sales support network covering the entire national territory and a 24/48 hr delivery service to all national destinations.