1. Flexibility: easily adapting to client needs and specifications.
  2. Trust: top grade materials used in the fabriction of all our products. Quality certification ISO9001.
  3. Own production facilities: In-house manufacturing and finishing of private label products for sale to large consumer brands.
  4. Cost efficiency: Materials available in large quantities such as industrial bobbins.
  5. On-going innovation: From the start Lidermed has consistently focused on the innovation and creation of new product lines.
  6. Speed: 24/48 h delivery delivery service available within the entire Iberian peninsula.
  7. Widespread coverage: We manage an extensive sales force network throughout Spain.
  8. Established professional history: over 25 years of experience in the medical and hospital sectors.
  9. Exclusive brand relationships: Lidermed is currently serving as exclusive distributor to Catalan firms MEDICARE SYSTEM,S.L., VERNACARE and CQF,S.A.